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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

:+:My WeEKDaY:+:


How about your week? My week is very tired because I have 2 quizes and 2 activities.

On Monday,I have to go to Ethic class for 3 hours. It's very long period.

On Tuesday,I have an English Quiz.

On Wednesday, I have listening and speaking activity in the morning. I have an account in the afternoon.

On Thursday and Friday, I'm free again. I will play game at ABAC mall. It's very fun. The game likes a board game that imports from another countries for example magic,dig a mine,and build a railway.

+++ Hope u have a good day na!!
++ MisS MisS

SeE U in clasS

N^u^N (^-^)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

!!!! MY HaPPY TiME!!!

Ni Hao!!! GuYssss (^o^)

I haven't created a new post for a long time. I'm very busy about my midterm examination. The examination made me crazy and my New Year day was very bad because I had to read many text books. Now!!! I'm free.I'm very happy and ready for posting a new idea.

Yesterday!! Abac's dormitory had a big party for New Year day. In the morning, we had Alms giving at the center of the dormitory. In the evening, we had a buffet party.There were many kinds of food such as sushi,noodle,ice-cream and dessert.Everyone had everything that they wanted to eat for free.At night, it had a concert by dormitory's musician. It's vey cool and fun.I joined this party till midnight with my friends.

How about you?? Where did you go on New Year day??

++ Welcome for new friends
++ Welcome back P"Toey
++ Have a good weekend na jaaaaa

See U in ClaSS (Q_Q)

Monday, December 18, 2006

++Toilet Sign++

Hey Everybody,

How was your weekend?? I'm very busy because of my examination,but I have spare time to check my e-mail.My friend sent all of these picture for me yesterday.


What do you think about these sign?? Have you ever seen all of these toilet sign?

I think they're very strange and interesting!!!

Have a nice weekday & holidays naaaaa

N^u^N (0"o)

Monday, December 04, 2006



Today,I check my e-mail and I find something very interesting.It's a car that like a rat. It's very modern but mix with classical style. I think it's very silent and comfortable.

Let see some picture...

Have you ever seen a car like this?
What do you think about it?
Have a goood week...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

(Q_Q)My HoBBY(Q_Q)


What do you do when you want to relax in your free time?

For Me... I think that sleeping is the best way for relaxing because when I sleep , all parts of body will rest. In fact, I always relax by reading comicbooks and novels. I love reading about the food,advanture,detective,magic,and pirate...The style that I like most is FOOD!!! It's about making sushi,noodle,and cake.Moreover,comic books help to reduce stress and relax my brian.Have you ever tried it?

P.S I am going to read it right now!!!

See you the next following week.

Monday, November 13, 2006

๐"๐MY UniVeRSiTY๐"๐

Hi everybody,

This is some pictures of my university.I am studying at Assumption university.(ABAC). My university has two campus One is located on Huamak and another one is located onBang-na trade Rd.


Coat of arms is a translation of the French COTTE D' ARMES. Usually it is depicted with the particular heraldic bearings of a person or family on an escutcheon, and from it we can learn much about the person or family which adopted the particular coat of arm.Residence Hall

CL Building

Have u ever been here?

If you want to look for more information,You can visit this webpage.


See you in class,


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

(๐^_^๐) MY EmOTiON !!!

DeAR All...

Last class everything was good,and I felt quite fun because of some games about the pictures...but some pictures are too difficult for me,and I don't know what do you want me to do. Morover,our guest made me felt a little serious, and may be this's a reason that Ed looked so nervous than before,but I think you did well. I like your lessons and your activities.
Don't worried!!!!

(^___^) KeEp FiGhtiNG NA My TeaCheR !!!!

SeE YoU in ClaSs